India’s largest raw cotton exporter’s Raja Industries and Pashupati Cotton Industries have jointly established S Raja Export Pvt. Ltd as a joint venture in the year 2007, mainly for exporting quality raw cotton to all over the world. It is situated at Kadi, Gujarat, India, area which engages in cotton ginning and pressing industries . This area is also famous for the production of high quality & quantity cotton.
Our group achieved continuous upward growth. The group of our companies has achieved Rs. 600 Crore turnovers.
About Us  
S RAJA EXPORT PVT. LTD. is a Joint venture of Raja Industries and Pashupati Cotton Indutries. This is the largest producers of SHANKAR - 6 cotton in India  
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Business Advantages & Transporting cotton plus consistency  
There are strong and calculative business advantages by dealing with our company.
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Towards Better Cotton  

We also emphasize on our farmers to grow Towards Better Cotton through better management practices. In this way we can grow cotton in the way that is healthier for farming communities, with good environment and more economical. To obtain Towards Better Cotton our team of agricultural experts stands by the side of farmers to update the scientific knowledge about cotton farming from sawing to harvesting. Around 10,000 farmers are trained by our agricultural experts. Towards Better Cotton is cotton cultivated with sub stainable method which uses the measures of agri- inputs such as water, chemical pesticides and fertilizers.