The strength of our business depends on the goodwill. This goodwill is totally determined by the quality of our products and services we offer. We strive to produce and deliver the cotton based products and commodity products with universally accepted quality.

We endeavor to achieve higher grades of quality in both product and services to meet with the expectations of our customers and thereby earn their respect & trust.

To ensure reliability, we check each lot with our hand classers and also test each lot at reputed HVI testing laboratories. For more transparency we arrange for quality checking by buyer's representative before shipment if they desire.

It is our responsibility to provide our customers not only the best quality, but also the best services in the trade. We draw our exclusive database of customer requirements to ensure that we supplies only the correct parameters those meets the customer's needs.

"It is our dedication and guarantee to build trust and long lasting relationships"

Purchase of seed cotton by our own representatives at various markets in Gujarat state to ensure best quality for production.
Uploading of seed cotton on fully paved platforms
Taking extra care to avoid contamination and foreign materials.
Using pre & post cleaning machines to maintain superior grade of cotton.
Provides all workers with white cotton clothing and head caps.
Using new plastic straps and high quality material for fully covered export packing.
Arranging regular disposable of accumulated trash to avoid mixing with seed cotton/lint.
Giving Proper training to our technicians & gin operators from well established organization like ATIRA